30th March 2016 Wideo Media

What’s the definition of success

Danny Boyle






Its one of they questions that for me is paradoxical

“what is it like being a successful film director Garry?”

Money is the reward rather than the motivation for success so how does one quantify what success is? I know a lot of people in good paid jobs but they are left feeling unsatisfied by the material wealth they amass as part of there never ending quest in chasing money. A guess for me the key word here is longevity, I’ve been making films for close to 10 year’s now and I still love it as much as the first day I tried it out. And I also know that a lot of things I do are a distraction away from making films but the distractions are part of a bigger picture, You see to be a half decent director you must have vision and to be a decent entrepreneur you also need good vision. But rarely does my vision change even in my darkest days sitting in my friends high rise flat on balcony looking out on to the scheme and writing my stories but truly owning the moment and saying to myself one day you will look back and remember how far you have come in order to see how far you still need to go.



I suppose even back then I knew I wanted to help my own kind and by that a mean people without a voice. And I think thats why I love working with non actors and also decent professional actors because I let my work be used as a vehicle and every time I make a film I grow more myself.

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