9th April 2016 Wideo Media

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I sometimes think in life you have to go through all the trails & tribulations in order to build enough character & self growth to develop in to a passionate human who feel’s empathy before fear & ambition before self pity. Since I came of awe the coly dugs 18 month ago I’ve either been homeless or suffering from the side effects of sticking drugs in my system for 20 years, but to be honest with you I had to go through all that in order to be the person I am today. Not long ago I shook hands with Sir Tom farmer with a view to ask him to invest in wideo media as start up social enterprise. He never said yes but he never said no so with that being said I also had to describe in detail my life story & what it took for me to get in to an office were people have been know to camp out in the hope of such a meeting, But I told him straight this is who I have been this is who i am and this is what I intend to do with my future. I think he was either impressed or blown away by the story, Everybody who knows me knows creativity is my survival mechanism Creativity speech

I told Sir Tom that the documentary i made on my life was a part of my life caught on film but not enough of my life to be defined by it, And if anything the purpose of the meeting was for me to see if guys like him really can help me in my journey to create art that not only gives a voice to those who have none but the work I do also removes so much stigma around the stereotype & decrease’s some barriers, Its hard to put that in to a funding application or in to an evaluation, And that the reason I want to set up a company appoint a board of directors & encourage my youth led steering group to think outside the box. Because I am only empowered if those around me are empowered & as long as I meet first ministers Justice secretary’s & politicians’ of all race color’s  & creeds it will always be a distraction of just letting me get on with the simple job of directing films. So kind of looking forward to sitting down tomorrow & getting a career development session with Danny Boyle & hopefully I will pick up enough knowledge to make this web series the grey area one of the best productions thats ever came out of Scotland, And let me add if it does come out like that it will have been against the most drastic of odds,

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