About Wideo

576653_3531109512754_72681983_nWideo Media is a social enterprise that uses the power of art as a tool to harness creativity in young people from council schemes offering them a safe environment to to question the society in which they live.

Why I set up wideo:

A couple of years ago i heard the word social enterprise and the term of social entrepuner. The definition meant that you could change the environment in which we live. Out of frustration at the “official routes of funding “ I decided to surround my self with young people who face the same barriers to education & arts that I also faced. As a digital filmmaker i managed to empower myself and I think through the way wideo media works we empower other folk to find there own distant voice

Where I see it going:

I hope that in time I can stand down & become a non exec director. The way i hope is we are successful in some grant funding & we can create a digital platform for youths in Scotland’s council schemes to show case there work. With a youth led steering group & a recognised board the point of wideo is to make a community based social enterprise that is sustainable.

What are we looking for:

We are looking for strategic partnerships with national charities & other inner city arts projects around the world. So we can show the power of Art in breaking down barriers of social exclusion.


Get in touch

Interested in Social Realism? Want to commission Wideo Media or run an Inner City Arts project? We want to hear from you.